Dance Finance is an exciting software product designed specifically for the Dance Studio. This dance studio software product provides you the ability to automate your day to day studio operations making your back office more efficient.

Dance Finance business management software was developed in conjunction with application developers and dance studio business managers.

And now with Version 3.0, we continue to offer integrated payment capabilities using
PowerPay LLC as well as Canadian GST and U.S. Sales Tax. Click here for more details on the new PowerPay LLC. functionality.

Our site will provide you more information about Dance Finance management software and how you can use it to take off some of the unnecessary burdens of managing your business. This will in turn give you more productive time to teach your classes and devote more time to students development needs.

Whether you are ordering dance costumes, billing for student fees, receiving payments or getting ready for dance competitions, this product will automate your tasks and free you up to spend more time doing what you love....Teaching!